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Telemetry Radio
The latest in 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless radios, this model has the highest gain and more noise rejection than previous versions. Yet it retains 100% backwards compatibility with our other 900 MHz radios. Features a new built in o-ring seal for protection against water splashes.

•  902-928 MHz hopping spread spectrum
•  Selectable hopping bands and patterns
•  Up to 1 Watt output
•  SMA female antenna connection
•  RS-232 serial up to 115.2 Kbps
•  Supply voltage of 6 to 30 VDC
•  Temperature range of -20° to 75° C
•  202 grams
Part # M TEL FGR2

Pit Lane Filter
A bandpass filter designed to decrease interference from 400MHz voice and data radios, and higher frequencies used for live TV radios. The insertion loss is low, but will result in slightly decreased range.  Therefore it works best with high gain antennas like the RaceGrade 8db omni.

In-Car Filter
A low pass filter for operating below 1000 MHz. It prevents interference into highly sensitive GPS antenna and decreases interference from higher frequencies used for live TV radios. The insertion loss is low, and will work best with high gain car antennas like the RaceGrade 2.5db.

Car Antenna
An omni-directional high gain antenna.
•  SMA Female connector
•  2.5 dB Gain
•  6" long
Part # M TEL 25DB
Pit Antenna
An omni-directional high gain antenna.
•  N Female connector
•  8 dB Gain
•  8 feet long
Part # M TEL 8DB

Live Google Earth
RaceGrade offers a software package which plots a vehicles location live in Google Earth over telemetry.  Now the team can monitor the progress of their race vehicle throughout long courses such as the Baja 1000.  The software uses Microsoft Excel as a conduit between MoTeC Telemetry Manager and Google Earth.
Fuel Strategy
RaceGrade offers a customized race fuel strategy program tailored to your team's needs.

     RG_MAN-0003  Telemetry Radio Manual

Spec Sheets:
     RG_SPEC-0002   Telemetry Radio FGR2
     RG_SPEC-0003   Mini Radio
     RG_SPEC-0011   Telemetry Filters

Telemetry Utility:
     RG_TN-0003   Google Earth Telemetry Utility

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