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3 Axis Accelerometer
    Designed to measure vehicular motion accelerations from three orthogonal axis. Also available is a +/- 4 G option. Available in +/- 4G or 10G.
•  Range:  +/-4 G or +/-10 G ratiometric
•  Response:  up to 80 Hz
•  Output:  0.5 to 4.5 Vdc
•  Supply:  5 Vdc
•  Temperature Range:  -20°C to 105°C
•  Weight:  40 grams

Yaw Rate Sensor
A solid state yaw rate sensor available in two models with either a 100 or 200 deg/s maximum rate. Unlike accelerometers, this MEMs angular rate sensor is independent of chassis vibration and has a faster response time. It can be oriented in either of the three axis of motion for a low noise solution to analyzing vehicle motion. It features a 0-5 volt output for connection to any type of logger.
•  Output:  0-5 Vdc ratiometric
•  Supply:  5 Vdc
•  Temperature Range:  -20°C to 85°C
•  Weight:  38 grams

Inertial Measurement Unit
The RaceGrade IMU contains a three axis accelerometer and a three axis angular rate sensor designed to measure and communicate all values over the CAN bus.
•  Acceleration Range:  +/- 8 G w/ 100hz filter
•  Angular Rate Range:  +/- 500 deg/s
•  Supply:  9 - 36 VDC
•  Temperature Range:  -20°C to 85°C
•  Weight:  80 grams

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