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Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS
RaceGrade now sells and supports a Tire Pressure Monitoring System produced by bf1systems. This well established TPMS can provide benefits for any motorsport team. It communicates tire pressure and inner air temperature directly to any data logger via CAN communication. You may purchase any of the parts individually, or purchase them as a kit.

TPMS Control Box
Collects data from the antennas and feeds the information back to the data logger via a CAN bus or RS232.

Most applications require 2 antennas, though it is possible to operate with 1 or up to 4 antennas.

Corner Locater Module
This device also known as a LF trigger is optional and used in addition to the antennas.  It allows the sensor location to be automatically determined, preventing the need to keep track of which sensor is on which corner.

Sensor Options
The wheel sensors contain both an absolute pressure sensor and a temperature sensor which then gets transmitted to the control box and back to the data logger. There are multiple sensors to choose from, major differences based on the update rate of information and the sensors maximum temperature limit.

Diagnostic Tools
There are two versions of interrogators available, one called the Mini Trigger and the other is the Mini Analyser. Both are optional devices to assist in taking readings while the vehicle is not in motion.

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